Rhinestone FAQ

  • What's the difference between glass and resin rhinestones?
Glass Rhinestones are made from Glass and shine more. That is why the cost is higher. Resin Rhinestones are more cost effective, They are made of plastic but still give off a beautiful shine. 
  • What does "AB" mean?
Anytime you see “Hot pink AB”, “Crystal AB”, “Red AB”, etc. this simply means that these stones have an iridescent coating. AB stands for Aurora Borealis.
  • What are transparent Rhinestones?
These are tinted and you can see through the transparent stone they typically have an AB coating.
These are perfect for the popular Starbucks snowglobe trend. People typically use size 4mm or 5mm.
  • Using the Clear and Crystal AB Transparent rhinestones. 

Using the completely clear resin stone gives your project a "wet/Dew" look.

The Crystal AB Transparent is the perfect stone for anything! Since it's a clear AB it takes on any color that is beneath it. If you're having a hard time choosing a color to match your project, I recommend getting the Crystal AB transparent stones. It also looks beautiful when it's above rainbow vinyl. 
  • What are Jelly and Resin Rhinestones?
Jelly and resin rhinestones are both made from plastic. The small difference between the two are that jelly stones will be the same color all the way through and the resin stones will have a silver foil back.
  • What size rhinestones do I need to buy?
If you’re trying to complete a larger project like a tumbler, shoes, phone cases, it'll be better if you purchase size 4mm or 5mm. 
Size 2mm and 3mm are typically used as "fillers." Meaning you fill in a space with the smaller same color stone of your main size. 
Size 2mm and 3mm are also great for outlining small text. 
  • What glue should I use?
I have personally used Aleene's Liquid Fusion and Gem Tac by Beacon. They have a strong hold and work great for me, I've had no issues and I 100% recommend them. 
  • How many rhinestones do I need to fill the double wall of a venti SB tumbler?
The best stones for the inside of a double wall SB tumbler are any "transparent" color because it's transparent with no backing, so the light shines through and it doesn't matter which way the stones are facing
The amount of bags needed will determine what size you are using.
People typically use a size 4mm or a size 5mm. Size 4mm makes the cup look more fuller. Requires 6 full bags of our 1440 pieces.
Size 5mm doesn't look quite as full as the 4mm but it still looks just as beautiful and more cost effective. The amount needed is 3 and a quarter of the 4th bag (need to purchase 4 bags)

To fill the double walls of a Venti size SB tumbler it takes 6 of our 4mm bags.


To fill the double walls of a Vento SB tumbler it takes 3 and a quarter of our 5mm bags (4 bags needed to purchase.)

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